Personality Continua--The Weak Minds of Grand Men Picture

Blank meme by `Luna--Rose

I thought I would do this to better introduce my characters/my interpretation of the characters. There are also some new guys on here!
I decided to nix Apollo, Artemis, Poseidon, and the yet unnamed son of Ares in favor of Odin and Thor. I wanted to use characters who are important in more than one act, so even though those guys are in act 2 (the longest), Thor and Odin are MCs in both acts 1 and 4, and a little bit in 5 too.

Loki, obviously. MC and narrator.
Willow Lokadóttir. Female MC, Loki's daughter--half human. (16)
Meris. Son of Poseidon. He and Will have... a very strange version of a romantic relationship. (18)
Farrah, goes by Farrah Marvel. Daughter of Hades and Will's best friend (19)
Prometheus the Titan. He's the trickster figure from Greek mythology and he actually raised Farrah and Will for a lot of their lives.
Odin, the Allfather. Loki's blood brother.
Thor Odinson
Sigyn, Loki's... wife. (No, I'm not going to address the ellipse in here.)

Those are pretty much the main characters, although Prometheus is currently in less of the story than I'd like. I'm hoping I can slip him in again somewhere else.
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