Kronos' Rest Picture

In Greek mythology, Kronos was the leader of the Titans. He was a so to Oranos, the Sky, and Gaia, the Earth. Kronos overthrew his father, and became the ruler of the Golden age. Kronos, however, was himself overthrown by three of his sons, the Gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, and was locked away for eternity in the realm of Tartarus.
There he will wait, untill the sins of Man awake him from his slumber...

In 3529, a Human colonisation mission, codenamed Gaia, travels to the unknown, farside of the Milkyway. They discover a small solar system, consisting of three planets, a violent magma planet, an entirely water covered planet, with orbiting rings, and a calm, white gas planet, all orbiting the centeral star.
Keeping with the name of the mission, they named the system according to Greek mythology. The lava planet was named Hades, the water named Posiedon and the gas named Zeus. The star was named Oranos.
Only one, sizable moon was found in the system. Orbiting Poseidon was a desert moon, with a dormant core, ready to spring to life at any moment...
This is my second attempt at a Terrascape, and i quite like the way it turned out. Its also my first attempt at planet rings (!). I may continue with this story, but i also have my Tri-Sector story to be getting on with.

P.S. I downloaded the texture for the Poseidon planet quite a while ago from DA, and i have spent ages trying to find where i saved it, and where i got it from, but still can't find it. If i do find it, i'll show it here. If you think the tex is yours, please comment with a link.
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