PP: Fletcher Ganymede Picture

Featuring little Fletcher as Ganymede

History Lesson

Ganymede was a Trojan prince who was known as the most beautiful of mortals. Zeus noticed him, envied him, and thus planned to have him.

Zeus took the form of an eagle (or sent an eagle in some stories) to steal the young mortal. Zeus then blessed Ganymede with immortality and he became the cupbearer to the gods. In some stories, it is applied that Ganymede also became Zeus' lover.

Another version of the story says that Zeus put Ganymede in the sky as the constillation Aquarius which is also associated with the eagle.

Symbols that relate to Ganymede: Homosexuality, eagle, youth, extreme beauty, Aquarius

For a Pokepalace Mini-event about Greek dieties

Ganymede belongs to the ancient Greek culture

Fletcher and drawing belong to me. Do not use, copy, trace, or steal the idea.

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