So, Who Wants to Have Their Face Smashed In? Picture

Ulala Serizawa with her persona, Callisto from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

Part 12/12 of my SMT tribute project.

Well, it seems like it's the last of my SMT tribute pics, and also my last art of 2013.
Hence I wanted it to be special, and use one of my personal favs >3
Hehe, in general, I have a thing for tomboyish women, and Ulala is a special kind of tomboy. You see, despite her boyish physique and looks, as well as a pretty masculine attitude and boxing as a favored fighting technique, she dreams of nothing more than being a demure and graceful lady, well, that, and finding herself a boyfriend and get marries, which has led her to loose all her savings to con artists...
Anyways, hence why miss Serizawa does anything she can to boost her femininity, be it dressing in stylish dresses, having a stylish hairdo, using excessive amounts of makeup or working at a lingerie store, which sadly usually made people think she's a "drag queen", something that's a serious berzerk button for her |3
Yet on the flipside, like I mentioned, she's a boxer, and a damn good one too, SMT and Persona has had a share of powerhouses, but her maximum strength stat is actually higher than Akihiko or Chie, hell, it's even higher than Kanji XD
All in all, I guess all that is what makes her so unique and charming, there are many other Persona girls that were especially attractive for me like Fuuka or Chie, but the charmingly badass Ulala is forever my number one SMT girl ^^

Fun fact, both exclusive Personas of Ulala (Callisto and Astria) meet their miseries because their beauties have attracted Zeus in their originating mythology, a direct reference to Ulala's misfortune at the hands of dating certain men.

A shame she never made an appearance out of the P2 duology, other than her cameo in the Who's Who TV show in P3, I'm pretty sure she'd make one badass character in P4A >D (and that would be quite a redeeming factor for that game...).

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Ulala Serizawa and Callisto (c) Atlus
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