Sri-Seshanaga Ananta Picture

"Sri-Seshanaga Ananta"=Lord Sesha the Infinite Naga

The king/creator god of Naga mythology. This is how he/she's depicted in the Zuddha mountain region. Zeus, Vishnu, Izanagi... The role of pretty much any central diety is played by Sehsa, according to the Naga. Pretty much all branches of Naga faith worship Sesha. He/She is revered in prayer, temples and offerings and portrayed throughout art, literature and dance. In fact, the most common expletive in Naga-bhasa (the Naga people's language) is "Sri-Sesha!" which is roughly equivalent to "Good Lord!" or "Oh my God!" Nice way to honor a diet, I know, but that's just a cultural fact.

On a technical note, never draw multiple snakes. EVER. The scales are a nightmare. Oh, and Sesha is a real diety in Hindu mythology; his name is sometimes spelled Shesha. ...That is all.

Sesha belongs to Hindu faith, but this interpretation is mine.
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