Prometheus Picture

well, if you don't know the story of prometheus, i pitty you. he was a very wonderfull god who brought fire to man and intelligence and taught him to plow the fields, etc etc. then zeus got pissed and so he changed him to a rock for all eternity, and an eagle came each day and would eat his liver, and then in the night it would heal and grow back and so it went on for eternity (kindof...go get a good book of greek mythology and figure it out yourself)

anyways, this is my remix of the story, with a chainless prometheus welcoming the tallons of the eagle. It is my depiction of how love can be as binding and destructive as any rock and chain, and yet we face it willingly, and needingly. and how some people, especialy who i see as the most generous and open hearted, tend to be the ones who get their flesh torn apart in relationships more than others.

i have a much longer, and better description, but im going to leave it for now, as i am getting sick (again) and really would rather go to bed.

it was a huge canvas i used, something like 4x6 feet. acrylic, only five colors in my pallet. red, yellow, blue, black, and white.
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