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Some fanmade stuff. Hellboy, Anung un Rama. Around ten hours of painting.

And for music is essential when painting, the first song was 'Jerry Cantrell - Hellbound', but the song, which gave me the creeps, was 'ACDC - Thunderstruck' (though I usually don't like the singer's voice ).

Actually when reediting this, I thought about a whole story and an appropiate soundtrack. For those who need music for their inspirations as I do:
The introduction: 'ACDC - Thunderstruck'. Appearance of the enemy: 'Type 0 Negative - Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath cover)'. Turning evil: 'Soulfly - Prophecy'. The tragic hero: 'American Head Charge - To Be Me'. Hellboy is back: 'Evergrey - A Touch Of Blessing'.

Nice to know:

The devil is a Church thing. If you have ever read about 'Satyrs', you will get to know. It is easier to adapt foreign religions in your own than to replace them, just thing about the similarity of greece mythology to the roman one ('Ares' - 'Mars', 'Aphrodite' - 'Venus', 'Zeus' - 'Jupiter'). This let to different interpretations and rites in Christianity itself.


After picking many references I created some rough drawings, which I used to illustrate this within Photoshop.
My usual technic is similar to airbrush. Masking the single elements (so I don't need to take that much care of the borders later on). Custom texture brushes increase the credibility. The original size would fit on a poster.

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