The Greek Gods Picture

The Greek Gods...GAME!! Booyah!

Okay, so this is my massive ass 2-D Design project. Well, its not that massive, only 15" x 15" painted on illustration board with acrylic. It was fun to design, a bitch to paint, but I think it came out okay. Pen for the outlines, when it dried. Kind of wish I had spent more time on the painting to really get anal about all the details, but I waited til the night before it was due to paint! Oh woes. Probably spent like 2 or so hours designing the layout, then around 20+ hours painting. Lots of no sleep!

So the assignment was to design a gameboard that tells a story or a history of something that's coherent and has an understandable progression or something. I chose to do the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece because I'm a bit of a mythology buff. So since I spent a lot of time thinking about every element and how to organize thisi thing...I will explain some of it, so all my thoughts won't be in vain. But no one will read it so it's okay...

I was fooling around rotating it in Photoshop to see what orientation would make the most sense, but I decided to stick with the way I designed it. I used stock photos and snipped them onto photoshop to organize how I wanted everything to sit. I printed it out and traced over it with tracing paper, then drew skirts and crap on em. Fun. So...I tried to organize the game board into 4 sections where the three brothers that ruled: Zeus (heavens), Poseidon (ocean), and Hades (Underworld). Then the starting point would be the eye of the Fates, see strings and 3 stars for the 3 Fates! WEE, I'm smart. Then I arranged the background to flow with the focal points of the board. And I arranged the lesser gods and goddesses in ways that would make sense, kind of. The gold square in the middle was me being too lazy to do I'm like...MIDAS, he had the golden touch, yeeeah!

Gods/Goddess order from eye moving clockwise: Ares, Apollo, Zeus, Hera, Hephaestus, Aphrodite (FIT, lolz), Poseidon, Dionysis, Artemis, Athena, Hades, Persephone, Hermes.

Yup, I'm back to the long descriptions. Score!

Hope everyone is dandy...enjoy my crazy little gameboard that isn't really a gameboard!

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