ZEE IS GAY???? Picture

If you read your mythology like a good little boy/girl/llama, you'd know Zeus has a lot of affairs. And many he does!!! But anyhoo, he has a lot of boyfriends, too.
So Poseidon is bothering him about having a relationship with a dude (As if that's new) and that pisses Zee off and BAM!! He admits it!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
I am not offending gays or anything. I'm a HUGE supporter of LGBT lifestyle and rights. I won't go on my ice cream flavor rant. But I always had this image in my head of Zeus saying "JUST CUZ I SLEPT WITH A FEW DOZEN GUYS DOESN'T MEAN I'M GAY!!" and thus this was born. Poseidon's expression in the last panel makes it for me.
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