Hellenic Talismans Picture

I created these for a work shop on Hellenic Paganism that I'm giving for a group of Wiccans soon; they are going to be drawn like lots during the ritual portion.

Hermes - Traveller's hat and Kadekus
Poseidon - Horse and Trident
Athene - Sheild and Spindle
Zeus - Throne and Lightning
Hera - Peacock feather and ring
Hepahistos - Tongs and crutch
Demeter - Basket and pig
Persephone - Pomegranate and poppy
Haides - Helm and gemstone
Artemis - Bow and moon
Ares - Spear and arrow
Apollon - Lyre and sun
Aphrodite -Mirror and gridle
Hestia - torch and hearth
Dionusos - grapes and cup
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