Aphrodite Picture

and then, the final result of this wip [link]

so, i wanted it to be cool. i finished it a few days ago, but i upload it only today U.U 'casue i can! i'm not sure if i have to put on mature content or not? i tried also to get better at coloring... did i improve??????

so, about the goddess:
she was born when Cronus cut off Uranus' genitals and threw them into the sea, and from the sea foam (aphros) arose Aphrodite. Thus, Aphrodite is of an older generation than Zeus.

Because of her beauty, other gods feared jealousy would interrupt the peace among them and lead to war, so Zeus married her to Hephaestus, who was not viewed as a threat. Aphrodite had many lovers, both gods such as Ares, and men such as Anchises. Aphrodite also became instrumental in the Eros and Psyche legend, and later was both Adonis' lover and his surrogate mother. Many lesser beings were said to be children of Aphrodite.

also, i have to tell you, i used a reference by
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