DH - Artemis Picture

Or as Acheron sometimes calls her Artie. As the Simi calls her The evil heifer bitch goddess. The thing that Artemis is referring to would be Simi, just so ya know.

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, and of Childbirth. In the DH series she tells Acheron the only reason she is considered the goddess of childbirth is because she was born first, grew to adult form super fast, & then helped her mother deliver her brother Apollo.

Artemis used to be my fav. of the greek gods but after reading this series I'm starting to like Athena more & Artemis less. She creates the Dark-Hunters to battle the Daimon turned Apollolites that Apollo cursed to die at 27 yrs. old. Also she created them because she knew how much Acheron loved humans and this was another way to keep him in her control.

Artemis is supposed to be a virgin goddess forever but she & Acheron kind of broke that theory. Artemis is the biological mother of Acheron's daughter Katra (Kat), but don't tell anyone. She also hates Apollimi, Acheron's mother. They're not on friendly terms considering Apollimi wants to kill Artemis & Apollo thus destroying the world

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Artemis (c) Sherrylon Kenyon
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