Leto's Lights Picture

Ah, I haven't uploaded anything in about a week, but I was able to do some drawing the day before last, so this was one of the products of that.

In Greek Mythology, Leto is the mother of the twins Apollo (God of music and the sun), and Artemis (Goddess of the hunt and moon) that the king of the gods, Zeus, fathered. I always imagined her to be an interesting person, because of the two opposites that came from her womb. If I did a good job, in the picture she's supposed to resemble something sort of wild (she has a rather vicious expression), but calm at the same time (she's just letting the swing carry her with it as the wind moves.)

Time- 45ish minutes, I wasn't really paying attention to the time.
Mediums- #2 pencil, medium-tooth Windpower sketch paper (^^ NOT CRAPPY LINED PAPER!)
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