Promethean Picture

Prometheus was first labelled as a god/titan of wisdow/knowledge, and rebellion. But more modern interpretations label him as the one of revolution.

According to some versions of the myths, he's the creator of men.

Then, at a feast, he divided the meat in two parts : one part with all the offal, and all the good parts, not looking nice and attractive at all, but being the best animals have to offer. In the second part were the bones, hidden in the grease/fat/flab, this part was looking attractive, while it was the least interesting. He asked Zeus to choose one of the parts, the other going to men; of course he chose the attractive one, containing only bones. As consequent, the good and nutritive part went to humans. This is the first act in favor of humans by Prometheus.

But Zeus didn't appreciate to be deceived that way at all, and as punishment, he decided to remove fire from humans. The lack of fire made humans suffer, while Zeus was keeping it with jealousy and greed.

Prometheus couldn't bear/endure this cruelty toward mankind, and so he decided to steal a part of the fire from the wheel of Helios chariot, to give it to humans. This is the second act in favor of humanity done by Prometheus, he brought fire to her, wich means literal fire of course : heat during night and winter, possibility to cook, to improve the quality of life. But fire is as well a metaphor to wisdom, knowledge, technique, science, understanding of things, ability to learn and so on.

you probably know the next part of the story : Zeus, in his wrath, chained Prometheus to a rock in mountains (probably in Caucasus), and each new day on earth, an eagle came to eat his liver, regenating during the night, and this for thousands of years.

Prometheus, (with Lucifer freeing humans from ignorance and slavery God maintained them into) is a nice symbol of resistance against oppression, tyranny and authoritarian unfair power. He's, with Lucifer, the mythical symbol of revolution, of fight for humanity, justice, fairness and against religious fanatism, dogmatism and religious mental slavery (do not mix up Lucifer and Satan, they're two different entities : Lucifer =/= Satan, stop making that senseless error) . They're the abstract champions of whose wo struggle against Zeus/God tyranny and cruelty.
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