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Lucifer is another name for Satan. This is because people interpret a passage in the Book of Isaiah of the Bible in a certain way. Lucifer is Latin. It is made of two parts, lux-lucis (light) and ferre (to bring). There are two mentions of Lucifer in the Latin Vulgate. It is used to refer to the morning star, the planet Venus that appears at dawn: once in 2 Peter 1:19 to translate the Greek word "Φωσφόρος" (Phosphoros), which has exactly the same literal meaning of "Light-Bringer" that "Lucifer" has in Latin; and once in Isaiah 14:12 to translate "הילל" (Hêlēl), which also means "Morning Star".

Lucifer is "the morning star," the "light bearer," and consort of the Queen of Heaven. His star is Venus, which is, also, associated with Venus the goddess of love and Eros the god of love.

In, Charles Godfrey Leland's, "Gospel of Aradia," Lucifer is the brother of Diana and the father of the strega goddess Aradia. Diana was, also, known as Lucifera.

In Judeo-Christian mythology, Lucifer is confounded with a Cananite god who struggles against the tyrannical creator "god" and serves as an advocate for mankind that we might possess the knowledge and wisdom of the gods. Later, the Christians further confound Lucifer with Satan (in this case, a man named Helel, a Babylonian King who was an enemy to the Jews) in the King James Version of the Bible. Consequently, modern Christians commonly confuse Lucifer with their Satan, however, Satan to Christians is anyone they don't like or who represents some idea they don't agree with. The term, "Satan," simply means adversary.

The Christian Gnostics, regarded as heretical by the early Church of Rome, say Lucifer as either a brother of god or as his elder son who was cast out of heaven. It is interesting to note that the Christian Jesus says he, too, is "the light."

Lucifer may be seen as Prometheus, the Greek Titan and trickster who stole fire, which symbolizes illumination or knowledge, to give to mankind so that they would be equal to the gods. He was punished by Zeus for his disobedience. Like Lucifer, he is seen as a champion of humanity against the tyranny of a god who wants to have all of the glory for himself and keep his creation (mankind) in bondage and ignorance.

Is a common mistake to think satanism, worshiping Satan and followers of Lucifer, or luciferianism are the same.

Luciferianism is not a religion; rather, it is the antithesis of religion. There is no set canon of accepted belief or doctrine in Luciferianism. Most Luciferians are atheists, who do not acknowledge any god or supreme being. Many Luciferians, but not all, practice witchcraft, which is most often regarded as an esoteric science and not a religion.

Luciferianism is the pursuit of illumination and knowledge. Most Luciferians are avid readers and researchers.

Generally, Luciferianism is not a practice like other types of spiritual "paths;" more often it is simply a philosophy. Although, Lucifer may, also, be regarded as a living spirit. It is possible to hold some aspect of both of these perspectives since there is, throughout the world, a primeval creative intelligence that corresponds with Lucifer. Generally, Lucifer is not worshiped in the sense that this term would be understood by Christians who have a concept of an exalted creator "God" who demands worship, servitude and deference. Lucifer is the antithesis of these ideas. Although, the spirit of Lucifer may be invoked.

The concept of Lucifer inspires to dig deeper into life's mysteries to discover the truth about the nature of the world, both physically and metaphysically. To be a Luciferian is to adopt the mental attitude of seeking enlightenment. Lucifer is the inspirational muse of artists, writers, inventors, scholars and researchers. Luciferianism is a humanistic philosophy. Luciferians seek the betterment of mankind and are on a constant search for more knowledge and wisdom.

Some Luciferians are Satanists, but not all because there are many different varieties of Satanists, as well. The relationship between Satan and Lucifer in worldwide history is complicated. Usually, when a group of people regard Luciferian entities as "Satan" it is because they see them as a rival for their monotheistic god.

Lucifer is an ancient pre-Christian and pagan spirit who has counterparts in throughout the world. Most Luciferians regard themselves as pagans, although, they are not necessarily neo-pagans. The term "neo-pagan" confuses the matter because Luciferian philosophy does not fit into the paradigm of re-creationist pagan traditions. Many Luciferians avoid applying the term "pagan" to themselves because this often arouses a great deal of anger and hostility among neo-pagans.

So forget about sacrifice virgins at midnight, Black Metal and black clothes, is not about to be against Christians or Catholics or GOD. And to think EVIL = Luciferian. If you still thinking it, read the text again. And again.

Anyway, i think all religions and every philosophy are good if is not about to start wars, hate, envy, greed and divide people.
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