Hera -queen of the gods Picture

Hera - queen of the gods

Hera started out as a powerful deity all by herself. A mother goddess worshiped by plenty. But along the way she came across Zeus, a god with even more power both when it came to brute force and to executive power. Zeus could have conquered her but Hera figured that "if you can't beat him, join him" so when Zeus showed erotic interest in her, she was all in. Something she came to regret a lot of times later in life. She might have become queen of the gods with more power than she could ever have dreamt about, but at the same time caught in a loveless marriage.

When I consider Hera, queen of the old gods, I see someone with the looks of Liz Taylor and the behaviour a mix between Hillary Clinton and Alexis Carrington of the Dynasty. A haughty, posh lady who is faithful to her friends and mercyless to her enemies. And if you looked a bit behind her cold facade you could find a strong personality with an unexpected and dry sense of humour. That was what I wanted to conjure up with this one.

Save for the peacock there's no usual "Hera attributes" here. Instead I aimed for a lady with a 1920ies look, a bit jet-set cosmopolite. Perhaps this was the old Photo Zeus kept after she had left him and he finally figured out that he missed her in his life.

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