PHOCT Cast - Hades Picture


Hades was difficult to read even before he was bound. Since his body and mind were warped, he's nearly impossible to figure out. It's exceptionally difficult to get him to show interest in anything. He never speaks, and often acts as though he's not aware of anything around him at all. Most of his time is spent sitting in dark rooms, staring at nothing, or wandering listlessly on the shores of the River Styx.

The only remarkable thing Hades has done since his return is appoint a third judge to handle the new dead. Wordlessly, he waded out into the sea of mortal souls, seized one of them, and dragged it to the Hall of Judgement. There, he gave the soul a drink from the Pool of Memory, and then deposited the bewildered being behind the desk of the Administration Head. Documents were stamped, and the new Judge was appointed, much to the confusion and dismay of everyone else in the Underworld. To this day, they're still trying to decide what Hades was thinking. Hades has yet to comment.


Nobody can tell just what Hades wants any more, if anything. He's even given away his previous responsibilities, tasks that he once took such ferocious pride in. Hades seems like a being without motive, with no more identity than the souls trapped in the Asphodel Fields.

Yet every so often, the god will take actions that leave everyone else baffled and confused. What drives this god, and what does he want??

That's something YOU will need to decide for yourself.


Hades wears the helm of darkness on his head, which allows him to merge with shadows at will, losing all shape and material form. He can emerge from any patch of darkness, regardless of how far away it is from his starting point.

The god's body no longer seems to humanoid. He doesn't bleed if cut, and no longer appears to possess bones. Although nobody has been able to un-zip that body bag, he no longer moves like a flesh-and-blood being.


Before Dr. Minos had him Bound, Hades was the lord of the Underworld, a role he fiercely carried out. Mortals universally hated Hades, because he never let anyone leave the Underworld. Not by choice, anyway. Even those that did escape would often find themselves in a worse state than before, as Hades would complain to Zeus at the theft of any souls from his realm. He was known to have a grim and savage temperament, rarely emerging from his gloomy underground domain. He had little contact with the upper world or the other gods. His most prized possession was the Helm of Invisibility, also known as the helm of darkness, given to him by the Cyclopes after Hades helped to free him.

Hades was one of the first gods to be bound, as Minos hoped he could force the god to return his dead son. Much to the mortal's dismay, binding the god stripped Hades of his memories and abilities, making it impossible to return Androgeous to life. Hades had become a shell of the imposing figure he once was. His form as well as his mind were warped. Furthermore, unlike most of the gods after they were freed from the binding, Hades has yet to return to normal. Nobody is sure why, or whether or not he'll ever heal the damage that's been done.


N/A - This section will be necessary for all contestants, but does not apply to the gods. Furthermore, since there is no specific motive to drive Hades' actions, there is no specific reward for him to offer.

That doesn't mean he can't have your OC perform a task for him. Just that you'll have to be creative in figuring out how he might convey a request and incentive to your OC.
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