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Of course, Semele did end up getting resurrected and made immortal. She was lucky that her son turned out to be a god as well as a pretty decent guy. Not that the other gods don't love their mothers...
But that doesn't mean you should try it!

Besides, the gods can look like whatever they want. That bird overhead might be Zeus, perhaps that handsome guy playing an instrument over there is Apollo, and it's entirely possible that the annoying little kid who just tried to cut your purse is Hermes...

((This is an elaborate way of saying I am way too lazy and short on time to draw ALL of the gods. Not to mention there are TONS of them. Even if you wanted only the twelve Olympians, I'd expect you'd still want to see Hades and Hestia (Come on, who doesn't want to see Hestia, goddess of roasting marshmallows and freshly baked cookies??).

If you do want to see my interpretations of the gods, I have a little folder in my gallery on my main account called the 100 God Challenge. I do the challenges with a random number generator, so that means there's only Zeus, Poseidon and Aphrodite so far (at the time I'm posting this anyway). But if you keep checking, more are bound to show up. You can also poke around the rest of my main gallery (try searching Greek Mythology) and you might find Hermes, Apollo, and Athena... maybe even a few others!
I'd love to draw more of them when I had the time and ideas. XD; ))
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