The Evil Gift Of The Gods Picture

When I first read the Pandora myth, it was adapted to be more for children. THe writer made Pandora a victim, like Eve in the Bible. Well, Hesoid did not make her a victim at all.

Here's a sumerized version of Hesiod's story. Once a upon a time, Zeus had this banquet. At the banquet their were men(I dont say human cause the first woman hasn't been made so its just men) and gods. Prometheus (being the patron of humans and the titan of before thought and tricks), decide to make two piles for sacrafice. One, the one with the liver and stomach on top was for Zeus, while the one for humans had fat on the top. Zeus looked at both and thought humans had a better sacrafice. SO he traded with them and found out that under the fat was bones, the worst part of the animal. Zeus is pissed and punished the humans by not giving them fire. Prometheus then steels fire and gives it to the human (not much of a punishment). So Zeus then makes another punishment, woman. Hepaeteus makes the woman, Aphrodite gives her beauty and blah blah blah (Pandora means every gift since every god gave her a gift). What's interresting is Hermes' give, the mind of bitch and the heart of a theif (ouch). So she's like the devil, beautiful outside terrible inside. SO now that she's made Zeus gives her to Epimetheus (Prometheus' brother, the titan of after thought). Prometheus had warned him that Zeus was not to be trusted but Pandora was so pretty. Later Pandora opens the jar of evil and everything but hope. SO is hope good or bad? Anyways... Epimetheus feels terrible (its like when the gulf of Mexico flooded, people told them what they could have done to stop it after the oil spill.) Premetheus is then chained to a rock and has a bird of prey eat out his liver, at night it grows back and the bird eats it again. How nice.

So my drawing is of evil Pandora opening the jar, with a do not touch sign on it. Her nightgound is red since red means evil. In the corner is Prometheus and Epimetheus with an I told you so.
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