The Hacatoncheires Bros. Picture

Left to Right: Gyes (guy-ezz), Briarieus (bri-arh-ee-us), Kottos (coat-os)

In Greek Mythology, The Hacatoncheires were Giants born of Uranus and Gaia who helped Zeus overthrow the Titans. They each had 50 heads and 100 arms and were set to guard the fallen Titans who were chained down in Tartarus.

Briarieus has always been one of my favorite characters from Greek Myths, and wanted to integrate him (and his brothers) into The Elements world. I found a way to explain the 50 heads-100 arms thing but you'll just have to wait to find out. Someday. Maybe. I hope.

As you can tell, I've made them the Huey, Dewey, and Louie of the Myth world. Briarieus is the oldest, followed by Gyes and Kottos. Even though they are triplets, the only physical features they have in common are their eye shape and similar abilities.

They still work for the Pantheon, mostly doing security gigs or protecting certain valuable treasures from time to time. For the most part they work for the Olympian Guard, a police force that protects the "Inside" (a part of the world were the Gods, mortals and monsters of ancient myth still live and thrive) from dangers of mythological proportions.

I wholeheartedly plan to involve these three as much as possible when I start writing/drawing/whatevering the storylines that inolve Bob and Hector in the Inside.


And maybe someday I'll come up with something slightly more clever than the "Inside".

Briarieus: [link]
Gyes: [link]
Kottos: [link]
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