How to Build a Persephone Picture

"How to Build a Persephone"...a reference sheet intended for persons who are not myself, because I already know all this.
...With swanky commentary, for clarification.

Character Info

Persephone is the Greek goddess of Springtime growth and fertility, known to the Romans as Proserpina. Upon marrying Hades, she becomes queen of the Underworld, and goddess of the changing seasons.

Persey is the beloved eldest child of Demeter--goddess of plant life and agriculture. (Her father is Zeus, god of the sky and king of deities.) Persephone is a most sought-after goddess, and pretty much every god has asked her for a date. She's a romantic, though, and is holding out for some kind of knight in shining armor, who'll be able to appreciate her.

It's assumed that she'll follow in her mother's large footsteps. Demeter is just a trifle overprotective (and has a bit of a temper) and doesn't really realize just how self-reliant her daughter actually is. Persephone can definitely take care of herself, but taking care of others is her specialty. She's no fool, but she's big-hearted, and thus is usually understanding enough to deal amiably with others, even her own very demanding mother. But, the time might soon come when she'll have to put her foot down...

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