Winged Goddess Picture

An update from my rp with my character Kitten, she's given birth to Mordica, Judahs and the puppy/kitten abomination, who's named, um... Blurr.
Anyways, after Kitten's smart personality (Tomo) went to Zeus to try to save Kitten's life, as Hades was fed up and was going to kill her-though, for some reason held back.
Tomo ended up tipping Zeus off to Hades fucking around with his wife, which ended up very badly for Hades, anyways, so they (Zeus' messanger, and other gods) went down and took Hade to be judged and punished. While Hades was away Kitten wanted to go to him, but Hell was colapsing, so, as a demi-goddess at the time, she'd use all her powers, by now her childeren-Judahs and Mordica had abosorbed Chuckles and Tomo, and would age more so they resembled toddlers, regardless....back to Kitten, she'd have to use her powers and the balance of her childeren's ying-yang balance of good and evil to keep everything together, in the prossess she'd sacerfice the part of her that was feline, leaving it to be filled with the divine half, or now, hole, as the personalities were gone, leaving her to her own devices, she'd learn to read a little, count, and alot more about what Hades did, as to recover Hera had to help him out, which ment he was gone for longer and Kitten had to make sure everything was still running down below. Thanks to Pain and Panic that is...
At the time she was in charge of Hell, or rather subbing for her master, the minions got paid, the dog was always fed, everyone got the royal treatment, as is in her nature, now dawning the title of Goddess of both Creation and Purity. In other words, she's as holy as holy can get (or at least in the world of Greek Mythology). She's purity and innocence in that of itself. The only other one as good or pure is her son, Judahs, Demi-god of Goodness and Light.
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