Olympian Heroes- Hera Picture

Another creation by HeroMachine

This one was a bit tricky. Hera's not exactly depicted as an awesome goddess like say Zeus or Hades. I tried to keep her looking regal, yet capable in a fight hence the dagger and the spear tip of her staff. Like Zeus, I tried to work her symbol into the outfit somewhere. I put it on the pendant, but when I realized that it might have been a bit small, I worked the design into her staff. I really wanted to incorporate the peacock into the design somehow since another one of her symbols and I thought the plumage would make her look more regal. Unfortunately, HeroMachine doesn't have any peacock options so I had to fake it a bit. Color-wise, I wasn't sure what to do, since I wanted to keep her looking regal while using colors that may be associated with marriage and motherhood. I finally settled on whites, blues, teals, and a few golds. In the end, I'm not entirely pleased with this design, but let me know what you all think.
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