Here Be Lamia Picture

<p>In Greek mythology, Lamia was a Queen of Libya who was loved by Zeus. However, Hera discovered the affair and stole away Lamia's children, whereupon Lamia in her grief became a child-murdering monster. In a rather lame attempt at appeasement, Zeus granted Lamia the power of prophecy as well as the related ability to temporarily remove her eyes. In later interpretations, she became a sort of fairy-tale figure (an an ogress or Baba-Yaga witch)used by mothers to induce good behavior in their children.
<p>In my own personal mythology, the Lamia is a type of carnivorous faerie harboring a deep animosity towards humans which they regards as potential prey and a nuisance species to be controlled. As well as being excellent shape shifters, they also have the ability to understand and communicate numerous languages by means of telepathy and eidetic memory (the ability to remember everything).
<p>The Lamia shown here are both males. Yes, people, there are actually males Lamia. They are just as mean and nasty as the females.

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