Hera Picture

Hera is the Greek Goddess of Women and Marriage. She is the Queen of the Gods and a very jealous wife. The cow, opium and the peacock are sacred to her, as well as the crown. I rather like Hera, however fickle she may prove to be. She is a majestic sort, always offering a piercing gaze. Hera is married to Zeus, her brother by the Titans: Cronus and Rhea.

This piece has been the hardest for me, so far. I'm not 100% satisfied with it still. I had to redraw this three or four times and the coloring took me a good week and a half. Up until now, all the pieces have flowed when I worked on them. But, Hera requires everything to be perfect. Lest you invoke her wrath. So, I may revisit this piece. But, until then, the Queen may take her throne.

Close up details: [link]
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