One last Shot Picture


A giant Ironbeast has attacked with such force that Zeus and Other god have ran off. But one Plucky Goddess has chosen to be Olympus's last Defense!

Artemis the archer has taken upon her self to take on then towering monstrosity with her arrows. But is it too late and will her arrows find their mark?


What is up with Chicks and Archery this year, Katniss (Hungergames), Mirabelle (Brave), Black Widow (avengers).........who was going out with Hawkeye who has arrows. (yah that';s a stretch but my point still stands)

Did this for an Art trade with my Good friend :icon cellardwellar:

Because when She told me To draw Orion and Artemis I though she said Iron Giant.......and honest mistake. LOL

If you wamt to see what she drew for me Take a look. She's a better artist than me by the way. LOL [link]
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