The Cast Picture

Before I went to college I was writing a romantic comedy called Cosmic Amour (Cosmic Love) about a college kid who falls in love with an alien. I was heavily influenced by Rumiko Takahashi's Urusei Yatsura and it's zanyness, so my cast of characters was equally zany.

I drew inspiration from greek mythology (which I was studying in school at the time) and I named most of the characters that way. Abas (the main character) is named after a group of people in mythology who all had unfortunate things happen to them and all died horrible grousome deaths.

Talus was named after Talos: A giant living bronze statue presented by Zeus to his lover Europa as her personal protector. The idea being that Talus was Maia's personal protector... though not a very good one.

Along with the main cast of characters I had secondary ones who's soul purpose was to keep Abas and Maia apart for as long as possible. Xandria Ze Pirate, Atea, Peter, Pip, and Tristin were all part of that group of characters who would come and go, but always cause problems.

This is the earliest picture I can find of Alex Ze Pirate. She was modeled very much after the real Alex, hence the glasses and short curly hair. Atea, being the queen of rats, actually wore a rat costume for the first couple of stories. Thankfully I realized how stupid that was and gave her a much more appropriate costume.

This is such and unusual drawing in that it contains so many "firsts." It's very rare that you have such a drawing, since usually you tend to draw characters on many different sheets of paper when you design them...

My guess is that this is between 1998-1999 because I went to a pre-college program in Florida where I met the real Alex Ze Pirate, so it couldn't be from before that...
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