Mythological doodle dump Picture

So... one more (or four in one) piece from the last few months. Since I was taking papers for my classical archaeology and ancient history course I was trying to stay interested in classics hence lots of mythological doodles. Mostly Hades and Persephone, since I really love that myth and I'm starting to think Persephone is my patroness. Also popping up are Hermes, cos everybody loves Hermes, and a very young Hades, Zeus and Poseidon after the Titomachia.

I really like drawing Greek clothing, all those drapes are funfunfun! Heh. Anyway yeah. Oh, and incidentally this is the first time I've a) ever drawn someone with a beard and b) drawn in profile for about five years, so I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Many many sharpies died in the making on these doodles.
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