The Shining Stars Picture

Okay these are all the gods from left to right.

Hei Spirit (Jewish God)- Straight cut, short blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Usually wears a White dress shirt and a fancy jacket with slacks. Very formal and polite but also very cheerful and optimistic, loves making others happy. Is 17 years old. Power: 6
(god form: hair same, eyes glow, robes, Moses like staff, Jewish star on left shoulder)

Holly Walterz (Christian God)- A girl with long curled (inward) blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Small bust and wears very free sunlike dresses. Very pure and happy, though when angered ruthless. Loves everyone and looks like a little kid. Is 14 years old. Power level: 6
(god form: hair grows to the floor, eyes glow, flowing dress, cross tattoo on right cheek)

Ama Sue (Amaterasu)- A half Japanese girl with bright platinum blonde hair that almost looks white with red tips. Her bangs cover her forehead and some of her eyes, hiding a red crescent moon on her forehead. She has bright green eyes and very pale and fragile looking. She seems to have a very bright personality once you get to know her but she appears very shy. She is 14 years old. Power: 5
(god form: silver hair, red eyes, moon glows, kimono

Fallon Raw (Ra)- Has long, straight blonde hair that he usually keeps back in a pony tail with two strands by his face. He has Hazel eyes, with a gold ring around the iris. Very carefree but oddly serious, appears and looks a lot older than he really is. Is angered very easily. Is 16 years old. Power level: 8
(god form: hair grows to mid back, yellow eyes, white robe, falcon tattoo on right shoulder)

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