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When Persephone had stopped speaking, it had caused Hades to barely look up from what he'd been writing to his brother about the war being stopped so he could have a break. His barely there look, turned into all out staring when he noticed what she was doing. She was dancing, completely different from the dance she had done in the fields when he'd first seen her. She was on fire it seemed, her moves like molten lava, graceful and slow, but hot and steamy at the same time. The words he'd been writing turned to scribbles until he stopped writing altogether. She looked so...enticing. He was at a loss for words, and even if he had wanted to look away and go back to his work, he could not.

Persephone smiled to herself in a knowing fashion before moving closer to him and gently grabbing him by his chin. He stood willingly, a good two heads taller than her. She pulled him down into a kiss, not a chaste one, but searing hot, and when she pulled away, they were both left searching for air.
"I...uh." Hades said quietly, he was dumbfounded. He knew Persephone was not a child, nor was she as innocent as her mother seemed to believe, but he had never seen her act in such a way, or had her kiss him in such a way.

"Maybe now you'll pay attention and take a break when I ask you to." She said softly, looking at him from beneath her lashes before she turned and walked down the hall, swinging her hips gently.

Hades was only left there for a moment before his brain jumped into hyper drive and he moved after her, picking her up and holding her bridal style before kissing her again and again. He made his way to their room as she continued to lay kisses upon him. Trojans be damned, he needed a break, whether the war was over or not.

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The art and conversation belong to me.

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