Argus Picture

Argus (AHR-guhs) noun - An alert and observant person; a watchful guardian.
[After Argus, a giant in Greek mythology who had 100 eyes and was sent to watch over [Zeus]'s lover Io. He was killed by Hermes and after his death his eyes transformed into spots on the peacock's tail.]

Michelle downloaded a trial version of OpenCanvas and is enjoying herself quite a bit thank you. She also needs to stop talking in third person.

I have a habit of doodling up my characters as mythological creatures a lot... Currently up for the fantasy makeover are my characters Alex and Chloé as a priest (or something like that) and a mermaid respectively. Alex is always looking after Cholé since she has a knack for getting herself in stupid and sometimes dangerous situations so I thought "Argus" was an appropriate title for a priest carrying an unconscious mermaid (that and I'm a myth freak)

Come up with a story for this and leave it in your comment. I can't think of anything good at the moment without having to add blood to the illustration because I'm a sick bastard.

Poses were based of the lovely stock photo seen here -> [link] provided by
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