Chained Picture

This was an assignment for painting 101 class. We had to choose a famous painting and reproduce it with student grade acrylic and a scale cardboard panel. I choose Titian's Punishment of Tythus [sic] because I always enjoyed mythology and I was surprised that Zeus used the same punishment twice. My cardboard was scaled to the original proportions of the painting, but this photo is cropped.

The class was instructed to mix the colors that we see on the painting and directly apply it to the corresponding area on our cardboard. We were to work in an "all-over" manner, matching colors, until the painting was completely reproduced.

We weren't allowed to draw or rough out the painting to get the proportions correct, which would have been my first instinct. Also, we weren't allowed to thin the paint with water for glazing. However, we did get to divide the cardboard into fourths so we could have some reference points.

Fortunately, I knew so little about painting at the time I just did what the teacher instructed...without question.

It was a cool assignment and everyone in my class did really well.
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