-Sol and Zeus Sketch- Picture

M'kay you are all probably wondering...
Who the heck are these guys? O_o

Well, many years ago I came up with my own mythological creatures, called Sepenser's, which are double ended snakes. Each side has its own personality and mind, though each is able to share thoughts with its 'brother' or 'sister' on will. Both sides are normally the same gender, but there has been known occurences of them being different genders. Each half is born with its own ability, out of the 24 that the Sepenser's can control.

When these creatures first started out, they all belonged to the same family. There were the rulers, the 'Good Ones' who demanded that their family harm no other creature unless it was neccessary to survive. But, there was a traitor, by the name of Crusher. His brother side was killed by invading humans, diving him to the brink of insanity. He decided, as they were one of the largest creatures on Earth, it was pointless to try and co-exsist with the other animals, they should rule. He broke away from his family, taking only his closest followers with him. The two divisions eventually became two different families, constantly at war with the other.

The 'Moon Gazers', the breakaway group, took on a form of darkness to hide from their enemies, and gained the ability to wield the powers of the night, such as Air, Water, Ice, Darkness (ability to draw power from the shadows), Metal (ability to turn the body into metal), Beast (ability to take the powers of another creature), Posion (ability to either physically poison another, or poison the mind of another), Radiation (ability to cause explosions, or serious damage with radiative emissions), Space (ability to control matter), Luna (ability to draw power from the moon), Void (the ability to erase things from exsistance), and the final and most powerful, Death (ability to kill and raise others from the dead). As their leader, Crusher is able to wield all of these powers.

In contrast, their foe's and defendents of the Earth, the 'Sun Wielders' keep to the light, and were therefore given the abilitys of the day, such as Fire, Earth, Electricity (ability to bring thunderstorms), Light (ability to draw power from the light of Day), Nature (ability to control all forces of nature), Love (ability to see the connection between people, and how to make those bonds stronger), Magic (ability to use incantations), Lava (ability to burn others, or make molten warriors), Sun (ability to draw power from the Sun), Sound (ability to fight using soundwaves), Time (ability to control the flow of time and certain events in time) and the most powerful of all, Soul (the ability to draw on the power of one's spirit, as well as commune with the spirits of the dead). Their leader, Firefly, is able to weild all of these abilities.

These are my OC's for these creatures, brother's Sol and Zeus, who are both Corn Snakes :3 They are the son's of Crusher and his mate's, Zeodora and Pandora. Despite his name, Zeus is the shy one, and even a little cowardly at times, prefering to take peace than fight. As a result, his father has little patience for him, often ignoring him for his brother, despiote the fact he is usually the brains behind Sol's ideas. He wields power over Darkness.
Sol, on the other hand, is head-strong and fiery. When he's angry, others will cringe away. He has a lethal temper, especially when his brother's involved. Despite his short coming's as a 'Moon Gazer', Sol loves no one more than his brother, and will defend him to the death. He wields power over both Metal and Radiation, a rare thing, making him Crusher's most likely heir.

That may be the longest description I've ever written XD

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