Cygnis Black: Leda et le Cygne Picture

Cygnis Black: Leda and the Swan

This is my second linoleum block print, of Cygnis Black posing with a swan for a 'Leda and the Swan' image. Ous hair ended up slightly Robert Smith-bouffant-esque, but I like it just the same.
This is a five-colour image (not including the white), and all colours but the black are water based.

'Leda and the Swan', for those not familiar, is a Greek myth in which Zeus spies a beautiful woman named Leda who is out bathing, and decides to seduce her while in the form of a swan so his wife won't find out.
Many artists have gone to town with this story, making plenty of borderline (and outright explicit) representations!

My image has some other meanings, which I may go into detail about later.

Cygnis Black name and image (C) me

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