Daughters of Mnemosyne Picture

The Nine Muses.. the daughter of Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory and Zeus, the God of All Gods in Greek Mythology.

Clio-Muse of History (holding scrolls)
Urania- Muse of Astronomy (holding a globe)
Melpomene- Muse of Tragedy (holding a tragic mask)
Thalia-Muse of Comedy (holding a happy mask)
Terpsichore-Muse of Dance (holding a lyre)
Calliope-Muse of Epic Poetry (holding a scroll and pen)
Erato-Muse of Lyric Poetry (holding a harp)
Polyhymnia-Muse of Song for the Gods (holding a veil)
Euterpe-Muse of Music (holding a flute)

Art concept and the dress design © =darkmotives
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