Signal Fire Picture

Sugi art of one of my newer fakemon, Promi. Made with Paint Tool SAI.

He is based on Prometheus and is the Mew-analogue mascot legendary in a region based on Greek Mythology. He's got a whole lot of backstory.

Pure-fire type and a bit of a trickster archetype, his abilities include shapeshifting and manipulation. He is the reason that the people in the Aegean region both revere and fear fire-types. If you pick the fire starter you are automatically aligned under him (they tell you it's Zeus because the starter's final stage is part-flying, but they're not fooling anyone). People are grateful to him for bringing them fire but try not to mention it for fear of angering the god-legendaries, who are a very real presence in peoples' lives.

May or may not have anything to do with the current champion of Aegea, Primo. [link]
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