Typhon's Vengeful Heart Picture

Fractal thingy 39

Made from [link] and [link]

EDIT - The small blurry part was bothering me so much... that I fixed it, so... its barely different, but I can sleep beter at night now

I tryed something new. I made a fractal, then I rendered it again, but super close up in the center. Then I stuck the two together to make a "Super Fractal". Not sure if it really came out like I imagined t would since I couldn't really get the two fractals to blend nicely together. And now that its done (and I can't go back and delete stuff on it) I realize that there is a portion of annoyingly bluryiness, that I added, but should have removed. Either way, hope its decent.

Typhon, lol. Definatly one of my favorite greek mythology characters (aside from Cerberus, its the BEST). Typhon was the son of Gaia and Tartarus (Greek Hell) and was esentially a giant or giant dragon thing with supreme firey and destructive power. He had children with Ecidna (half woman half snake lady) and they had many of the most famous greek monsters including the Hydra, Chimera, and Cerberus of course
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