Angel, Demon, God, or King? Picture

Angel, demon, god or king? They were all the same thing a long long time ago, really. Men of renown, giants among the worlds people, individuals with certain rights and "powers" and most of all, knowledge.

Gilgamesh, Metatron, Moses, Enoch, Dagon, Samyaza, Enki, Enlil, Ishtar, Zeus, Jesus, etc...

In the end most of them are names of the same individuals passed down in history and culture (Noah = Utanapishtim, Samyaza = Enki, Zeus = Enlil, Yaweh = Anu) and ultimately they were humans. Never was any angels, never was any demons and certainly never was any gods. But legend grows to the point where there is whole entire mythologies and religeons about these "men of renown", these Nephilim.

I wonder who will think our society is some celestial beings in the future? I wonder who will be calling the Mount Rushmore the faces of gods in about 4,000 years? What religion will be made out of the statue of liberty in ignorance 6,000 years from now? What myths will call our airplanes something akin to Anzu birds or angels in the far future?
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