God of War Cursor Set Picture

So God of War III came out recently, and I've been a total fan-boy about it. So I made myself some God of War themed cursors for my computer.

I think they're pretty decent, so maybe you'd like to use them too. Just hit the "Download" button and you'll get the .zip file with all of them.

I've also gone a bit crazy and customised my Mozilla Firefox window with a God of War theme. It was made by this fantastic dude whom you can find here: [link]

If you decide to use it as well, please give him a donation if it's not out of your way. I think he really deserves it!

I'd also like to mention that I'm taking comissions at the moment and am happy to do some cursor comissions as well as regualr art. The price is US $15 for a full set.

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