The Two Sides of Sephy Picture

When I said "More about her later"... I meant it!
So here we are, my OC daughter for Disney's Hercules fanfic (sequel?)
In this version of the Greek tale, Persephone, aged 13, is the only daughter of Herc and Meg. Usually called "Sephy", she is rather shy and quiet. She has her father's superstrength and was given the gift of flight as a baby by her grandfather, Zeus. Sephy has many of the same anxieties Hercules did growing up over her powers, but in her case it's because she doesn't want her friends to find out, in case they'd only like her since she is the daughter of their beloved hero. (Right side of picture.)
But after her abilities are revealed due to an accident, Sephy runs away... unknowingly right into Hades' long-sought revenge plan against her parents. After being tricked into eating the pomegranite seeds, Sephy becomes dark- Persephone, Iron Queen of the Underworld. (On the left side of the picture). The seeds manifest as six red jewels on her bracelet, and spread in tatoo-like tendrils up her arm.
Yet still she struggles against it, and despite turning on and attacking even her own father, can she overcome herself to help stop the even greater threat of Hades' revenge? (Yeah, probably, since it's Disney-based.
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