Prometheus vs. Zeus - D:R.A. Picture

Picture of Prometheus (the one in black armor) fighting Zeus (the one that isn't in black armor), both are characters from my webcomic called D:R.A.

Now, with the plot:

¿What the hell are they? The last two anthros on Earth, called DRAs. Those two are 12-feet tall (4 meters).

Prometheus has promised he'll save humanity now Earth has been abandoned by DRAs. He's the shadow of the nothing and the protector of the everything, the last resource of GOPD.

Zeus, on his role, is following orders from a being that is able to control every last particle, every last interaction, and every last neutron on this Universe, the One that knows future, past and present of this entire Universe; it's one with the everything and the shadow of infinity: GOD itself.

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