Hades- Saint Seiya- Picture

Hades from Saint Seiya.

I started this for a bad reason: retaliation for a comment I received on this [link]
It left me puzzled.
If I draw a fanart of this fictional character from a manga called 'Saint Seiya', upload it here on DA in the following categories: Fan Art / Manga & Anime / Digital / Movies & TV, how can people think it is THE one and only true appearance of the greek god from the mythology? Is there ONE and only true appearance for a god who can appear in many forms in myths (thinking of Zeus who turned into a bull,a swan, a satyre, an eagle, golden rain, and so on and so forth) , who has been depicted for ages by artists in a multitude of versions over the centuries?

I am not saying this version of Hades is the most fitting, it is just ONE interpretation of the god of the underworld for the series he is from.It's fiction: how can people be at each other's throats because their views of a character clash?
Then, when artists share their works on their gallery, you can like or dislike (hate?) said works, express your opinion wether positive or negative as long as you do it politely. If it is beyond you, then keep your spite and anger and just leave the gallery.

Back to this character: I was reproached with his "girlish face". Well my bad, I didn't dare paint his lips red as in the manga~ I felt I had to draw him once more to correct that! lol I draw characters I like as I like them, call it style, call it tastes, so excuse me if I persist in this way.
I am not the one trying to impose my point of view, I just upload my pictures in my gallery so if you come here, all anger and warning that my throat will be slit by Hades if he ever sees this fanart and do dirty stuff with my skull (???????).........well ok. I'd say
1) Do you know him personally, have him in your facebook or twitter contacts?
2) well, this extreme reaction seems more fitting for a horny retard than for a +1000-year-old god.
3) I'd say, Hades would logically have gone to the author of Saint Seiya first, Kurumada is still alive so...

I don't mean to be aggressive or to start a 'war'. It's not the first time I receive troll comments, and I am not the only one anyway.
These should just be ignored or reported as spam if they are insulting, because then they don't deserve our time. Come on, don't we artists already have to deal with art thefts, finish our other works, answer normal reviews, do researches or drawing exercises, etc etc?
I just want to make a point by answering one of them for once, because some fellow artists get disheartened when receiving a plain 'this drawing sucks'.
When it happens, take it with humor and then just have a look at the other reviews you got!
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