Aphrodite's Birth Picture

Aphrodite is the only character in Greek mythology not to have a mother or father. She is said to have indirectly been born of Oranos, however. She was born during the primal murder, when Cronus murdered his father, Oranos, and threw his body into the sea. From the foam rose a beautiful maiden standing naked and dripping on a seashell. Wherever she stepped, flowers bloomed and beach sand turned to green grass. She went to Mount Olympus, and Hera immediately decided that Aphrodite should marry. So Zeus gathered all the gods and asked that they make their suit, and that Aphrodite would choose her own husband. Now, Hepheastus had been promised by Hera to have Aphrodite as his bride if he came back to Olympus. So Hera told him exactly what to say when it was his turn to make his suit.

Now all the gods offered amazing gifts. Poseidon offered grottos, riddles, and fine undersea treasures. He also pointed out that since she was born of the sea, that she belonged to him. Hermes offered to make her queen of the crossroads where all must come, so she would know every secret in the world. All the other gods made their suits in turn. Finally, it was Hepheastus' turn. "I would make a good husband for a girl like you. I work late." Aphrodite chose Hephaestaus.
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