Body test with Titans Picture

another body test with two more of my characters.

Pandora is a very VERY sexy girl. Created by Zeus when Prometheus took the flame of Olympus away. He created Pandora to lure men and women to their doom. She did so, but when she met her brother Biagust, she feel in love. She is a clingy double-d girl who will do anything to please her older brother. (note I don't like her face too much, might change it but love the hair)

Biagust is muscular. I like his design. This is his true form, he hates it. He likes to look scary, but this is the form he was born with. He hated this form because women would not take his seriously and would fall for his rugged looks. He is one of the legendary weapons that form "ISAIAH 3".
(to see Biagust i his "favorite" form--[link])
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