Dusk and Dawn Picture

Ah, the beauty of the dusk and the beauty of the dawn, two lovely times of the day/night represented by two lovely goddesses. I am quite pleased with these two. ^_^ While they don't appear a lot in my stories, they each appear in one. Selene will most likely feature in a short story of mine (most likely going into her affair with Endymion), whereas Eos will probably have a somewhat longer story, probably not as lengthy as my usual works, but longer that Selene's, about attempting to break the curse that Aphrodite set upon her. 

I will admit that I don't really have much of a personality set up for Selene, the personification of the moon. I have her design down pretty well, but hers is definitely a story I've put on the back-burner. I do imagine her being somewhat enigmatic and oddly quiet, despite her various lovers within mythology. She was even one of Zeus's lovers, though I get the feeling that she probably regretted that rather quickly and chalked it up to some alcohol screwing with her judgement. The story of Selene and Endymion has always fascinated me, equal parts creepy and romantic. As a kid, I just thought it was cute and romantic. As an adult however, I realize the creepiness in having sex with a guy while he's sleeping and only when he's sleeping. Wouldn't he eventually wake up while you're grinding on him? And would that technically be considered rape? All questions to be awkwardly addressed in a story! 

Eos, goddess of dawn, is a little more well-defined in my mind. In mythology, she was cursed with insatiable lust by Aphrodite after she caught her sleeping with Ares. Thus proceeded many a heartache for Eos as she fell for man after man. I always imagined that she regretted her liasion with Ares and wished she'd never done it, due to what her curse puts her through. In my story, she has often pleaded with Aphrodite to take her curse back and apologized profusely. However, after being constantly refused by Aphrodite, Eos finally takes matters into her own hands and enlists the help of a hero to help her break the curse. Yet while aiding her hero, she must fight the curse they're trying to break as it threatens to make her fall for him as she's done with so many men before. She also refuses to ever speak to Ares ever again, despite his remorse for what he's caused her. 

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