David Jacobs Update Picture

Appears I am on a roll with these. So I decided to redux/update one of Samantha's romantic interests and an important supporting character, David Jacobs.

Furthermore, the update to him is not limited to his design, but an aspect of his characterization. Because of his involvement in the mythological and superheroic affairs of the woman he loves, David draws the attention of the Greek god Hermes. Hermes likes David's spirit and style, and as his own way of helping Thunder Woman, he becomes a patron of David, and gives him a weapon called "Hermes' Dagger." In its default state it is a small, ornate blade weapon, but at will David can activate its magical powers, growing several pairs of metallic, golden wings and transforming the dagger into a full fledged sword (also his sunglasses turn gold, cause Hermes likes David's fashion sense); the wings allow David to fly and move at superhuman speeds, granting David the powers of his patron in much the same way as Thunder Woman possesses the iconic powers of her patron, Zeus. The dagger allows David an ability to be involved with Thunder Woman like he couldn't before and make a difference, instead of merely being a male damsel-in-distress all the time, and allows him to operate on a more even level with some of Samantha's other would be suitors.

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