Aeolus Picture

"Aeolus" Ancient Greek: Αἴολος, Aiolos

In Greek mythology, was appointed by Zeus treasurer of the winds. Aeolus kept the winds in the bag and leave them at the command of Zeus. He was the son of Knight, says Homer. So called Ippotadis.
According to a later version of the myth, the Ailos was the son of Poseidon and Arne.

Winds at the monument located in Plaka, depicted Aeolus along with his assistants, winds north, Borea, Kaikia, Apiloni, Evro, South, Lips, Zephyr, Skiron
(Βορρέα, Καικία, Απηλιώτη, Εύρο, Νότο, Λιψ, Ζέφυρο, Σκίρων).

The Greeks regarded the treasurer of the winds Aeolus,as no God . So it was not holy, nor sacrifices happening in his honor. But who saw a strong wind and didn't fear him
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