The Cupbearers of Olympos Picture

I don't quite feel comfortable with categorizing mythology under fantasy>sword and sorcery <_<;;

I think this turned out alright for the most part. I'm pretty pleased with the colour palette, although the eagle wings need more definition. Among other things XD

Όλυμπος = Ólimbos, Ólympos, Olympus

Hebe, goddess of youth and spring, and Ganymede, a Trojan prince best known today as the constellation/zodiac sign Aquarius. The peacock and eagle are, of course, common symbols for Hera and Zeus respectively.

Long story short, Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera and served as the cup bearer to the gods (translation: poured booze during parties). Ganymede was considered the most beautiful mortal and was herding sheep around on a mountain when he happened to catch the eye of the king of the gods, who transformed into an eagle and abducted him. Shenanigans later, Zeus made him the new cup bearer, displacing Hebe. For several obvious reasons, this pissed Hera off, and resulted in lots of drama for generations to come. Greek mythology: almost as serious business as the intarnets!
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