God of the Sky Picture

This is part of my Greek Pokemon Project, I started 2 months ago. I am drawing the pokemon weather trio, Rayquaza (Komuro), Kyogre (Levi), and Groundon (Artemis), as the big three, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, from Greek mythology.

So first up we have Komuro the Rayquaza as Zeus, God of the Sky. I liked how his armour came out when I drew it in June, but now its not looking to great. I do like how his sword came out though. His weapon of a double-edged sword that’s so sharp it can cut through anything. Just ask Levi, its cut through that huge mace of hers enough times. It can also be used to make his attacks more powerful. It begins to glow when he uses an attack. He is also able to make appear and disappear in the blink of an eye, no one knows how he does it and he doesn’t really know how it works ether. It just happens.

So next up will be Levi. And I’m pretty sure you already know which God she will be playing as XD

Wasn't going to put it in the group case this image has pretty much NOTHING to do with the PGA, but *Aonyx convinced me to put it in the group anyway.

Rayquaza © Nintendo
Komuro, Art © me
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