Ganymede Picture

I seem to draw stuff from Greek mythology a lot for school. Go figure.

We just finished an astronomy unit in science class which ended in a big project on a topic of our choice. Mine was Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter and biggest in our solar system, mostly because I just love the myth surrounding him. For those of you who don't know it, basically Zeus saw a handsome young boy named Ganymede down on earth and fell in love with him. Zeus transformed himself into an eagle and kidnapped Ganymede up to Mount Olympus, where he became the cup-bearer of the gods.

We had to create some sort of visual as part of the astronomy project, so I drew this and hoped it would be relevant enough. xD It's Ganymede being abducted by Zeus in front of a lazy rendition of the actual moon Ganymede.

I have one prismacolor marker, a peace-colored one, that I used for the first time to color in Ganymede's skin. It was the most beautiful marker I have ever used or seen used and I was obsessing over how smooth his skin looked all night. xD I was like I WANNA MARRY SOMEONE WITH SKIN LIKE THAT lol.
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